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Vibrant Voices Vibrant Voices

Friday, May 24, 2024 | Kiiyahno Edgewater

Vibrant Voices

The past, present and future of representing diversity on campus.
The Hidden Cost The Hidden Cost

Friday, May 24, 2024 | Story by: Matthew Claeson and Zara Tucker

The Hidden Cost

Investigating Meal Swipes and the New Food Provider at Fort Lewis College

The Coming Storm
The Coming Storm

Friday, May 24, 2024
Scout Edmondson

The Coming Storm

Lessons learned from the ‘22/‘23 winter and what could come with the looming El NiƱo.
Crying Wolf
Crying Wolf

Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Scout Edmondson

Crying Wolf

Colorado's wolf reintroduction has become so emotional, so political, that it's no longer even about the wolves. 

Bones from the Bisti Badlands
Bones from the Bisti Badlands

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Anja Tabor

Bones from the Bisti Badlands

What it takes to get a dinosaur to Fort Lewis College

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What's the proper-tea

By: Zoe Coughlin-Glaser Indy Staff Writer

Highlighting Student Residences

  August Cox, who uses plural pronouns, is a second-year student and Residential Aid, for the traditional-style Escalante dorm. Cox decided to become an RA because they said they couldn’t afford housing off campus.  “Tuition, classes and housing are my main expenses to be here, and housing was about half of my cost to be at college,” they said. They said that cutting out that cost has allowed them to relax a bit.  They said they're glad...

The Housing Crisis at FLC

By: Jake Fry & Dianna Montoya Indy Staff Writers

What are the Numbers?

  In the Fall 2019 semester, Fort Lewis College reported an increase of campus housing that would have required the housing of 103% students, Lauren Pope, Media Relations Strategist, said.  FLC housing capacity is set at 1550, she said.  Obtaining housing as a student has been a conversation around campus. Here is the data of what the institution has collected in relation to that conversation.  Statistics and Surveys “FLC saw an increase of first-year...

Adventure for All

By:Scout Edmondson Indy Staff Writer

Outdoor Pursuits stives to provide opportunities to the BIPOC community on campus

  Nestled in between the vast deserts of the American southwest and the sky scraping ramparts of Colorado’s San Juan mountains is Fort Lewis College. Because of its proximity to some of the United States most beautiful natural settings, the college is a haven for people who want to pursue their education while also spending time outside.  One doesn’t have to look far to see that FLC is a school filled with avid outdoor goers - mountain bikers wiz through campus on...

Fort Lewis College Leaning Clock Tower

By: Mia MCCormick Indy Staff Writer

The Fort Lewis College clock tower has stood tall and sturdy since the turn of the century, never faltering, never swaying, until this year, when it began to lean.  The clock tower is a staple of FLC, it marks the campus quad, chimes relentlessly every hour and is anything but camera shy.  Recently though, our poor clock tower, like some of us, has started to feel the effects of the after-spring-break, oh-shiz-the-semester-is-ending-soon grind. It’s losing its shape,...

Standing on 150 million years: Dino discovery in our backyard

By: Mia McCormick Indy Staff Writer

A discovery on a hiking trail leads to a glimpse into Durango's past. 

A dinosaur died on Animas City Mountain in Durango about 150 million years ago, and in December of 2021, a local fossil hunter found its bones.    Tom Eskew, a certified arborist and amateur fossil hunter, said he had walked over them hundreds of times until one day, he looked down and realized there were fossils in his path.    “The most valuable finds in paleontology are actually made by amateurs who then report them,” said Dr. Jon Powell, an...

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