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Vibrant Voices Vibrant Voices

Friday, May 24, 2024 | Kiiyahno Edgewater

Vibrant Voices

The past, present and future of representing diversity on campus.
The Hidden Cost The Hidden Cost

Friday, May 24, 2024 | Story by: Matthew Claeson and Zara Tucker

The Hidden Cost

Investigating Meal Swipes and the New Food Provider at Fort Lewis College

The Coming Storm
The Coming Storm

Friday, May 24, 2024
Scout Edmondson

The Coming Storm

Lessons learned from the ‘22/‘23 winter and what could come with the looming El NiƱo.
Crying Wolf
Crying Wolf

Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Scout Edmondson

Crying Wolf

Colorado's wolf reintroduction has become so emotional, so political, that it's no longer even about the wolves. 

Bones from the Bisti Badlands
Bones from the Bisti Badlands

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Anja Tabor

Bones from the Bisti Badlands

What it takes to get a dinosaur to Fort Lewis College

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Indy on the Street

By: Morgan Smith, Lisia Lucero, AJ Repinski, Logan Roybal

Learn what's on some of the minds of our FLC student-body right now.

  Welcome back to campus, Skyhawks! School is in full swing, and as we get back into the groove of things, let’s hear some thoughts from some of our Fort Lewis College students.    Question: What’s bothering you right now?   Ovio Redling Freshman   The bathrooms in Camp Hall used to be gender neutral, but they recently changed them to be gender specific and now the walk to use the bathroom is much longer. Also, communal bathrooms...

Head Over Heals for the FLC Mini-Ramp

Reported and Photographed by: AJ Repinski

A skateboarder's grind to improvement.

John Norsen, an environmental biology student, drops in at the Fort Lewis College mini-ramp. Located behind the Center of Southwest Studies building, students attend the park to have fun with friends after classes, he said.    Norsen locks into a trick.   An accidental weight-shift sends Norsen falling to his back. While skateboarding can be a challenge, Norsen says, he isn’t finished. “I’ve got to do this now,” he said....

Falling for Gravity Lab

By: Mia McCormick

Learn how the new climbing gym in Durango is impacting the community.

A new climbing gym in Durango opened in December of 2022, and while snow coats the rocks outside, the climbing community persists indoors.  After almost two years without a climbing gym, Gravity Lab finally emerged in Durango to give the local climbing community a space to gather, while also providing gear and resources to people who haven’t had the opportunity to climb before.  On their way to the gym, climbers drive past an array of trees and houses before arriving at...

Oak Tree Youth Organization Branching out to Help Unhoused Youth

By: Jakob Barlow


Homeless youth are struggling with Durango’s housing crisis, here’s how a local organization is stepping up to help


  When it comes to public discourse surrounding Durango’s housing crisis, inquiry regarding homeless and at-risk youth tends to be pervasive. “There are way too many homeless teenagers in this town,” Chris, a homeless 19-year-old, said. “Like I could go down to the recreational center whenever, and I can pick out like 10.” Chris has struggled with housing since his childhood, especially after turning 18, without a parent and stable housing...

The Invasion of Animas High

By Lily Mann Indy Staff Writer Photos by: Solei Johnston

What being built near Bader/Snyder?

  Animas High School recently popped up on our campus, leaving students wondering what it is and where it came from. The opening of the Animas campus is Jan. 3, 2023 and an official announcement will be sent out soon from President Tom Stritikus, Jenni Trujillo, Dean of Education at Fort Lewis College, said.  Animas High School is a public charter school that focuses on early college endeavors and has been in the making for approximately 12 years, Trujillo...

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