Crying Wolf

Scout Edmondson

Colorado's wolf reintroduction has become so emotional, so political, that it's no longer even about the wolves. 

Cover photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Wolf 2306-OR runs into the wild after being released by CPW on Dec.19, 2023.  Grand County is a land of wide open skies, snowy mountains that hunch against the biting wind blowing off the plains of Wyoming, and miles and miles of prairie, pine forests and meandering trout streams. It’s home to the headwaters of the Colorado River, massive herds of elk and pronghorn, and some 15,000 people who live in and around the string of...

A New School is Coming to Fort Lewis College

Julian Zastrocky

Mountain Middle School capitalizes on the "empty" space behind Animas High School.

Fort Lewis College approved Mountain Middle School's request to build a new building next to the recently built Animas High School location. It approved a 420 million dollar budget to help with the building process.  Tom Stritikus, president of Fort Lewis College, is slated to release an email tomorrow announcing the decision formally to the student population. “We are so happy with how our students reacted to the opening of Animas High School on campus,” Stritikus...

Bones from the Bisti Badlands

Anja Tabor

What it takes to get a dinosaur to Fort Lewis College

A dinosaur skeleton cast and cousin of the Tyrannosaurus rex moves onto campus from the Bisti Wilderness Area in New Mexico, also known as the Bisti Badlands. The fossil is being loaned to the college for undergraduate research this semester, professor of geosciences, Gary Gianniny said. But how is the cast coming to Fort Lewis College? The most recent discovery of the dinosaur was found on the reservation by a Navajo man, and it is the most complete specimen found of the...

Screaming Rubber Band Chickens

AJ Repinski

Contestants test their pain limit for Snowdown glory.

  Contestants and spectators pack into 11th Street Station’s “Screaming Rubber Band Chickens” Snowdown event at 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 2.    11th Street Owner Marcos Wisner prepares a tournament-style bracket for the event. Randomly drawn for the bracket after entering, contestants prepared themselves for several rounds of rubber band slaps all across the body.    Contestants take turns trying to slap their partner as much as...

ASFLC Meeting 1/24

AJ Repinski

During the first ASFLC meeting of the spring semester, several important agenda items were viewed. 

During the first meeting of the 2024 spring semester, the Associated Students of Fort Lewis College viewed several key agenda items. During the meeting, two resolutions successfully passed.  First, the proposed Financial Allocation Board Bylaw Amendments were approved. The new bylaws state RSO II’s wishing to become RSO III’s no longer need to apply solely in the fall semester, but can now apply year round.  Matthew Miller, the Financial Allocation Board...

Measuring CO2 with Machine Learning

AJ Repinski

How artificial intelligence could replace expensive measuring instruments.

Artificial intelligence seems almost inescapable in today's increasingly technology driven world. Deep learning models, such as OpenAI’s Chat GPT, have been at the forefront of public amazement and controversy since their mainstream introduction in late 2022. Today, Fort Lewis College students are discovering new ways that artificial intelligence can be used to reduce the costs of studying the environment.  Lincoln Scheer, a third-year computer engineering student,...

Durango's Beloved Beaters

Morgan Smith and Sienna Reese

Fort Lewis College students will drive anything with four wheels! 

Whether cars are used to get to the slopes, back home or simply the grocery store, some Fort Lewis College students see their vehicle as the connection they have to the world outside of campus.  Take a look into the tales of five FLC students and their beloved beaters, to see the trust, love and tears that are put into owning an old car.    1999 JEEP WRANGLER   Molly Quinn-Clynes, a third-year history and education major at Fort Lewis College leans on her...

The Old Fort Report

Kiiyahno Edgewater (Diné), Scout Edmondson, AJ Repinski, Derek Tippeconnie (Lenape)

Recognizing the past and reaching for the future of Fort Lewis College

On Tuesday Oct. 3, a group of Fort Lewis College students and faculty came together for the FLC Opportunities for Healing through Reconciliation Efforts event, held in the Center for Indigenous Research of Culture and Language to discuss a very troubling yet important topic: the release of History Colorado and FLC’s “Federal Indian Boarding Schools in Colorado, 1880-1920” report. The report brought to light evidence of rampant physical abuse and cultural violence against...

Winter Wellbeing

Lisia Lucero

Losing light and losing time but not losing yourself

What is your definition of self care? Alita Lynch Alita Lynch, 18, first-year student: Lynch defines self care as time with herself that is free of worries and free of figuring out if she needs to do work. Kaneesha Bitsinnie Kaneesha Bitsinnie, 19, first-year student: Bitsinnie said she sees self care as taking care of your well-being and doing more than you can. Lilly Githara Lilly Githara, 19, first-year student: “Taking time and taking a step back...

My Friend Zoe

Mia McCormick

Acquainting Myself with Death.

I’m sitting at the base of a gnarled pinion pine tree in the middle of the woods behind the Bader-Snyder complex. It’s dark and the rain has been pounding the saturated soil relentlessly, but I am dry, and looking up at my protector, the arching branches that stretch around me like arms.  The smell of earth, wet bark and seeping sap mingle in my nose as I close my eyes, work my toes deeper into the dirt and press my hand to my aching heart. This isn’t just any...