ASFLC Meeting 1/24

AJ Repinski

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 | Number of views (2234)

During the first meeting of the 2024 spring semester, the Associated Students of Fort Lewis College viewed several key agenda items.

During the meeting, two resolutions successfully passed. 

First, the proposed Financial Allocation Board Bylaw Amendments were approved. The new bylaws state RSO II’s wishing to become RSO III’s no longer need to apply solely in the fall semester, but can now apply year round. 

Matthew Miller, the Financial Allocation Board director, said the American Indigenous Business Leaders, or AIBL has already taken advantage of this change. 

“The change opens up that timeframe for RSOs to get larger,” Miller said. 

RSO III’s have access to a larger budget compared to RSO II’s, but also come with greater responsibilities, said Miller. 

Next, Senate Resolution 24-34 passed to amend the requirements of elected officials for RSOs. 

According to the resolution, elected officials, meaning those chosen to represent any club on campus, must remain in good academic standing for their elected time. 

The resolution defines good academic standing as a 2.0 gpa, in accordance with FLC policy. 

President Britanny Bitsilly and Sen. Amanda Begaye said students should prioritize academics above RSO responsibilities, as they are primarily here for their degree. 

Vice President Taralyn Sloan called the meeting into order at 7 p.m. Shortly after, President Bitsilly joined the meeting with pizza and wings for those in attendance. 

Following the designated time for public comment, the senate invited several key speakers forward. 

Byron Tsabetsaye, the Student Involvement Center director, presented key information about SkyHub, the platform used for registered student organizations. 

Hosted by Modern Campus Presence, SkyHub allows students to view clubs and events, and reports attendance data to the RSOs. 

Within this current calendar year, FLC’s contract with Presence will end, and ASFLC must discuss options moving forward, said Director Tsabetsaye. 

Director Tsabetsaye suggested two options: either renewing the contract with Presence, or switching providers to Campus Groups, the host responsible for the current Fort Lewis app. 

While discussion on the change has yet to begin, ASFLC is expected to make a decision before the month of June, said Director Tsabetsaye. 

Following the decision, executive officials of ASFLC gave their reports, and the meeting was adjourned. 




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