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Three Inducted to FLC Hall of Fame

Three Inducted to FLC Hall of Fame

Story by Michaela Leach

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 | Number of views (6265)

Three new members were inducted in the Fort Lewis College Hall of Fame, which recognizes outstanding student athletes as well as entire teams.

The reason behind the Hall of Fame is to recognize FLC women and men who have made an impact on the community during their time here as well as after graduation, said Gary Hunter, the athletic director at FLC.

The latest members to become inducted into the Hall of Fame are Barbara Culmer, for basketball, Joel M. Jones, a retired FLC president, and Curt Slaughter for soccer.

The committee responsible for inducting members into the Hall of Fame consists of 10 members from current FLC staff, current Hall of Fame members and community members.

Meeting throughout the year, the committee discusses current athletic events and accepts nominations via application. When an athlete is selected to be a part of the ballot, they can remain on the ballot as a possible inductee for four years.

According to Duane Figgs, a current member of the Athletic Hall of Fame, there are many different criteria that nominees must meet to be placed on the induction ballot.

“All of the inductees has to have finished their athletic career by at least 10 years,” Figgs said. “And if they didn’t graduate from the Fort then it has to be at least 15 years.”

Athletes must not have competed for any other four-year institution and must receive at least 70 percent of votes for the Hall of Fame selection committee.

“The selection process is always difficult since we have so many people who are worthy of being in the Hall of Fame, but we can’t pick all of them,” Figgs said.

The final deliberation process is the hardest for the entire committee, he said.

Being chosen for the FLC Athletic Hall of Fame is such a great honor for all who are inducted and is a way for these athletes to leave their legacy here at FLC for generations to come.

“It’s such a great opportunity to be able to serve on the committee,” said Kendra Keeley, former women’s soccer player and 2003 Hall of Fame inductee. “I was inducted back in 2003 and I felt so proud to be a part of this school and this community.”

Having the community support FLC and honor it’s standout athletes is something to appreciate, Keeley said.

Applications for athletic nomination forms are available online on the Athletic Hall of Fame page and can be sent to the Sports Information Director.

More information on eligibility criteria and other information can also be found on the same page. 


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