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Scanning Skyhawks to Success

Scanning Skyhawks to Success

By Alx Lee Indy Staff Writer

Thursday, September 23, 2021 | Number of views (2142)

Along with the new digital program SkyHub, a one-stop destination for Registered Student Organizations and events on campus, Digital ID is a tool now offered to students making campus life more convenient, Elizabeth Calagias, Assistant Director of the Leadership Center, said. 

What is Digital ID?

Convenience is a goal in introducing this new program to students this semester, Calagias said. 

Digital ID came with the new online management system used for Skyhub and was not a program developed by the Leadership Center, she said. 

The steps of accessing Digital ID can be found on the SkyHub website. Students can use the barcode on their physical student ID or enter their student ID onto Digital ID. Then, they can use their Digital ID to scan into events found on SkyHub. 

However, Digital ID will not work as access to the dining hall or dorm entrances, she said. 

Digital ID helps with navigating around campus, Juan Sanchez, FLC sophomore, said.

“I feel like it could be utilized for seniors and freshmen, mainly freshmen because seniors are leaving,”  Lynette Larson, FLC senior, said. 

Aarin Paul, FLC senior, said the program would be much more useful to him as a freshman, incentivising him to attend campus events. Not knowing where to access the program also prevents him from using it, Paul said. 

“I heard about it, but don’t know much about it,” he said. 

The program was first introduced at the new student orientation but has not been used around campus at events or meetings, Joseph Tatndr, FLC freshman, said. The program also poses a problem to use on his personal device because it has difficulties running it, he said. 

The program was downloaded at transfer orientation and has only been used at Welcome Week and the department tents outside of the student union, Sanchez said.

Digital I.D is a new program that she was unaware of, Larson said. Club meetings and events tend to overlap with her schedule, making it hard for her to attend, she said. 

The Leadership Center should consider sending emails to students to spread awareness of this new program, Larson said.

In an Instagram poll done by The Independent, 62% of those who answered said they did not know what the FLC Digital I.D is. According to the poll, 62% of those aware of Digital I.D are not using it. 

Using Digital I.D

An incentive rewards program, the Talon Club, allows for students to earn points and get entered into a drawing for using Digital I.D, Calagias said. 

Students can earn one point for attending a Registered Student Organization meeting, five points for an event and 10 points for workshops and more extensive conferences. All events in SkyHub are eligible for points, she said.

Every ten talons, students are rewarded or entered into a drawing for prizes such as an Apple Watch, Beats headphones or a dinner with FLC President Tom Stritikus. 

One hundred points will enter students into the drawing for an electronic bike. Students can be entered for the ebike this fall or the upcoming spring semester, she said.

“It’s really new,” Larson said. “It sounds exciting.”

Digital I.D will also relay student’s and attendee’s information to RSO’s, Calagias said. This makes for an efficient way of tracking memberships, she said. 

“Gone are the days of like names on a written paper where you can't read people’s emails,” she said. 

Tatndr said he hasn't been attending many events but he has tried dabbling in it.  

Attendance at events has been a part of her time here at FLC but she has not heard or used Digital I.D this semester, Jan Kitchotpattena, international FLC senior, said.

The incentive program is something she is interested in and she would like to learn more and use this program, Kitchotpattena said. 

Paul said he has been active in RSO’s here at FLC and is interested in the ebike drawing. 

Busy schedules also prevent involvement in campus events and RSO meetings, said Larson, Paul and Sanchez. 

“I definitely want to utilize that more and on that note, that will make me try to attend more workshops and other things so that I can earn points and be entered into that drawing. That’s the goal right?” Sanchez said. 


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