Indy on the Street

Mia McCormick

Tuesday, October 31, 2023 | Number of views (3834)

What are you going to be for Halloween? 


Mya Simon third-year Music Performance and English major

Calla Carrigan, first-year undecided:

We are going to be wizard cowboys and will probably try to make our costumes or thrift them. 

Mya Simon on left, Calla Carrigan on right


Jordan Mayhew second-year Psychology major:

I am going to Rapunzel and my boyfriend is going to be Flynn Rider.

Mayhew said she is thinking of thrifting her costume because Spirit Halloween is too expensive. 


Jasper Laconis, Sophomore Exercise Physiology major  

Colin Schultz, Sophomore Early Education major: 

We are going to be Mario and Luigi. 

Laconis said that he is going to be Luigi and Schultz is going to be Mario. 


Jordan Mayhew on left, Colin Schultz in the back, Jasper Iaconis on far right


Xeno Innarelli, a first-year Geology major: 

I will probably reuse a costume from Comic Con this summer, a character from the video game, Generation Loss. 


Kayla Arther, first-year Engineering major: 

"I will probably just be a witch because I’m very lazy,” she said. “I call it peak efficiency.” 


Elio Groves, Freshman Health Science major: 

Oh god, I don’t know. 


Elio Groves on left, Kayla Aruther middle, Xeno Innarelli on right



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