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ASFLC Report: Online Platforms, RSO Compliance and E-Sports
ASFLC Report: Online Platforms, RSO Compliance and E-Sports

ASFLC Report: Online Platforms, RSO Compliance and E-Sports

By: Benjamin Mandile

Saturday, November 04, 2017 | Number of views (203)

The Associated Students of Fort Lewis College met Wednesday night to discuss online platforms for RSO registration, RSO compliance, and E-Sports.


Online Platforms


ASFLC discussed the viability of investing in an online platform that would help the RSO registration process flow better.


There has been low-response for student organizations registering and completing the officer training, ASFLC Vice-President Ian Fullinwider said.


There are more features included in the platforms than RSO communication, ASFLC President Dustin Fink said.


The discussion was not voted on and will be discussed weekly until a vote is made.


RSO Compliance


ASFLC unanimously passed resolution 17-066, which requires student organizations to meet the requirements set forth of being a registered student organization by Monday, Nov. 6.


This is the first year RSOs have been required to complete officer training online. RSOs are required to complete officer training, but not all RSOs have completed it.


“This is not new news to the RSOs,” ASFLC speaker of the senate Evan Wick said of the  requirements RSOs must comply with. “An email has been sent out in the past weeks that have explicitly explained this.”


There was discussion about pushing the compliance date back, but that amendment did not pass.




Fink reported that athletic director Barney Hinkle is doing an analysis of how viable E-Sports would be at FLC.


“E-Sports are mostly gaming, been around for quite a while,” Fink said. “I can remember South Korea hosting StarCraft tournaments way back when I was a teenager.”


E-Sports do not fall under the purview of the NCAA, but instead falls under a new organization called NAC eSports, Fink said.    


E-Sports are becoming more popular at some colleges, and those schools are treating those students similarly to a football player or a basketball player, he said.


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