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ASFLC Report: Durango Transit Resolution, RMAC Tournament Tickets, RSO
ASFLC Report: Durango Transit Resolution, RMAC Tournament Tickets, RSO

ASFLC Report: Durango Transit Resolution, RMAC Tournament Tickets, RSO

Mike Ranson

Monday, February 19, 2018 | Number of views (581)

The Associated Students of Fort Lewis College met Wednesday, Feb.14 to discuss the impact of the Durango Transit contract, Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference ticket funding, and Registered Student Organizations approvals.


Durango Transit Contract


The ASFLC voted to serve the Durango city government a 60-day notice to cancel the current contract in which FLC is scheduled to stick to for the next five years.


The contract states that in the upcoming year the amount in which FLC is scheduled to pay is close to $105,000 which is a $20,000 jump from the previous year.


On May 7, the city is placing a service reduction on city functions. ASFLC believes serving the notice of cancellation will put the city in a position to negotiate new legislation, Dustin Fink, ASFLC president, said.


ASFLC identified things that they did not agree with in the city’s proposal. The numbers that were presented did not represent the future enrollment of FLC.


“I think we are in a very good bargaining position, to at least ask them to use our new enrollment numbers,” Fink said.


ASFLC’s hope is that these changes cut at least a couple thousand dollars off the initial amount, said Fink.


The transit is also eliminating the Three-Springs route and changing the amount of time between stops from 20 minutes to 30.


ASFLC is confident about coming to a new deal, Sen. Evan Wick said.


“The monetary of that the city depends on through this deal is too much to lose,” Wick said.


RMAC Tournament Tickets


ASFLC decided to sponsor 100 student tickets for the FLC men’s basketball RMAC quarterfinal game on Tuesday, Feb. 27.


They plan to hand out the tickets to the first 100 students who walk through the door. ASFLC will plan on promoting the sponsorship through email, Wick said.


RSO Approval


ASFLC voted unanimously on Resolution 18-018, an RSO approval of El Club de Espanol.  


El Club de Espanol wants to focus on speaking Spanish and the importance of Spanish culture.



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