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Winter Wellbeing

Winter Wellbeing

By: Lisia Lucero
Losing light and losing time but not losing yourself
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Artificial Invasion

Artificial Invasion

By: Kiiyahno Edgewater and Lucien Verrone
A technical perspective of how AI is seeping into student life.
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Horror Movie Reviews

Horror Movie Reviews

By: Logan Roybal
Wondering what horror movie to watch for your next spooky movie night? Check out our three latest reviews for some thrilling options.
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Confessions of a Student Athlete: Reflecting back on 18 years of athletics before entering the real world

by Mandy Lorenson Indy Staff Writer

Throughout my life, I have always introduced myself as a softball player. It has been my identity, the thing I fell back on when, on the first day of class, the teachers ask to tell them and your fellow classmates something about yourself. But come the middle of May, I will no longer be able to call myself a softball player because I am graduating with my degree in journalism and multimedia studies with two minors in psychology and marketing. 

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It's a God-damned Travis D!

by Travis Dalenberg

Sometimes puff but mostly rough, it seems these days that everything’s falling apart. Turn on the news, browse the web, or scroll through twitter and you’re sure to come across media that fills your brain with hazardous waste, leaves you feeling disenfranchised and as an apparant antidote offers nothing but vapid platitudes. Some might say it’s a shame, many will ignore it but I say it's a God-damned travesty, or as I will refer to it in this column, a God-damned Travis D. 

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Positive: How testing positive for COVID-19 lowered my expectations of local institutions

By Taylor Hutchison Managing Editor

In 2020 there were a lot of things that I was afraid of, like testing positive for COVID-19 and losing friends and family. In 2021, both of these things happened.  This is a journal about being exposed, experiencing symptoms, testing positive for COVID-19 and how my view of Fort Lewis College, San Juan Basin Public Health and my community changed.

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The personal and the political: FLC students talk their circumstances and values as they cast their vote for the 2020 presidential election

The personal and the political: FLC students talk their circumstances and values as they cast their vote for the 2020 presidential election

By Dorothy Elder Indy Staff Writer

This year, many Americans have their attention on the presidential election, which sits in the middle of a pandemic, a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and the nomination of a Supreme Court justice. With America’s increasing political polarization, those casting their votes for the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, cannot wrap their heads around why anyone would vote to re-elect the Republican nominee, President Donald J. Trump and Trump supporters can’t see why you wouldn’t. 

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College, Quarantined

By Morgan Reed Indy Staff Writer

Can you remember being put into time-out as a child? My first week here, at Fort Lewis College, took me back to that nostalgic and harrowing feeling. 

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What to watch this Halloween

By: Sierra Doan Indy Opinion Writer

As goblins and ghouls flock the streets Halloween night and temperatures drop, students and faculty find themselves cuddled up in their rooms watching t.v. and movies. Here is The Independent’s consolidated list of Halloween flicks to bring the Halloween mood about.

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A Cowboy Theatre review

A Cowboy Theatre review

By: Lea Leggitt Indy Staff Writer

The 31st Annual Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering kicked off October 3, with the 12th Annual Cowboy Theatre— a western variety show with a twist.


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