Theatre of the Wild, an outdoor production, brings audience on daring journey in Nepal

Theatre of the Wild, an outdoor production, brings audience on daring journey in Nepal

By: Sierra Doan Independent Staff Writer

Theatre of the Wild, a production company started by Fort Lewis College faculty, students and alumni, successfully combines the passion of adventure in the outdoors with a love of theatre.

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What to Watch on Netflix This Month - November 2018

By Teal Lehto

What's good--or not--according to Teal Lehto. 

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How to Recycle, Because It’s Confusing

Kim Cassels

As you polish off your last gulp of a beverage and spot a recycling bin nearby, you may find yourself joyously slam dunking that plastic bottle into it. You think you’re an absolute success, synchronizing hydration and saving the planet in one fell swoop, but sadly you’ve just done something terribly wrong.

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Netflix: What To Watch This Month

By Teal Lehto

The best--and worst--shows and movies on Netflix, according to staff writer Teal Lehto. 

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The Independent's Graduating Seniors


Carolyn, Natalia, Rachel, and Matt - thank you for helping elevate the level of the organization in your respective fields and developing personal relationships that will last for years to come.

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