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Ballots Close on Student Elections

Ballots Close on Student Elections

Story by Meryl Ramsey

Thursday, April 04, 2013 | Number of views (7184)

The Associated Students of Fort Lewis College Election are underway. Many students have done the work to fill out nomination packets, and ballots are now almost closed. Friday, April 5, is the last day to vote.

            The initial elections took place on Mon. April 1, 2013 and Tues. April 2, 2013 through campus computers as well as at booths set up in the students union, said Tina Zuniga, an ASFLC senator. The voting will be open for the rest of that week, until April 5, 2013, she said. Any student at FLC can vote, both part time and full time.

            There are 12 candidates running in this election. There are three executive teams that have to be voted for as a pair, and six candidates are running for senatorial positions, she said.

“This year in particular is really cool because we have three teams running for executive positions, in the past it has only been two, so this a new thing that should help elections out,” said Byron Tsabetsaye, the current ASFLC president. “That type of participation, I think will help lead to a better turn out and student interest.”

This election’s executive teams are:

·         Presidential candidate Michael Platero and Vice Presidential candidate Tyler Brickle

·         Presidential candidate Marissa Molina and Vice Presidential candidate Jakob Wheeler

·         Presidential Candidate Dylan Leigh and Vice Presidential candidate Theresa O’Hare

The candidates for senatorial positions include Lindley Gallegos, Madeline Memovich, Alex Thompson, Jacob Rodgers, Phil Carter and Michael Seidel.

In order to run for these positions students need to have an interest in serving with the student body as a voice to the administration and the faculty.

ASFLC’s role on the campus is to be the student voice and governing body, said Tina Zuniga an ASFLC Senator.

Other programs at the college come to ASFLC for recommendations and student voices, Zuniga said.

ASFLC tries to look for students to represent the different demographics on campus in order to keep ASFLC diverse. The diversity is not only in ethnicity but within age, traditional and non-traditional students, first generation students, athletes, honor students and just any student who has and can develop leadership skills, Tsabetsaye said..

There are many reasons why students should consider joining ASFLC.

“If students want to see a change on campus then student government is a great way to do that,” said Dylan Leigh, an ASFLC vice presidential candidate. “If students want to represent their interests and try and guide the direction of the college as a whole, then student body president is the most influential position. I want to represent the students’ interests and make this college better, and student body president is a vehicle to do that.”

It’s important for students to vote, because the senate is in charge of all student activity fee dollars, he said.

“Being part of so many committees as an ASFLC senator has shown me how the administration is committed to providing the best education that we as students can get here at Fort Lewis College,” said Marissa Molina, an ASFLC presidential candidate.

Often, students seem to have a negative view of the administration, but people work hard for the benefit of students, Molina said.

Students should be aware of that and become more involved in the process.

ASFLC is working hard to get more students involved in the senate and voting process.

“It is of the upmost importance that students be involved in a democracy like this,” said Michael Platero, an ASFLC presidential candidate. “Students should at least be aware of what goes on in the senate.”

Within ASFLC, there is a lot of work that is really important and has a lot of impact, but it could be even bigger still, Tsabetsaye said.

If there is more success with the student government itself, that success will spread across campus. Student government really should reach high for that success, he said. 


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