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Friday, April 05, 2013

Concerning the Aaland’s dismissal

Letter to the Editor

Concerning the Aaland’s dismissal

Dear Editor,

           I write this to you just one day after the announcement of Chris and Shelly Aaland's unceremonious firing from FLC.  I will give full disclosure, as of today, I am a former FLC student, athlete, Alumni Association Board Member, donor and supporter... and yes, I also consider the Aaland's close personal friends.

          Most folks know about the personal struggles the Aaland family has endured and overcome in the last two years.  With that said, I would like to speak to the core of what the FLC community has lost with the horrendous decision to fire not one, but TWO Aalands.  In a world whereby it is difficult to find 'good help', it is extremely difficult to find GREAT HELP!  I know firsthand the sheer number of hours Chris and Shelly logged every week.  I know Chris and Shelly's level of dedication, determination and love, not just for FLC athletics, but FLC as a whole.  In short, Chris and Shelly Aaland bled Blue & Gold!  Absolutely, I feel for Chris and Shelly right now.  However, that sadness pales in comparison to how I feel for the FLC faculty, students, student athletes, coaches and alumni that will no longer be served by Chris and Shelly Aaland!  I read where Mitch Davis said, "the college hopefully would begin conducting searches to fill both positions within the next few weeks."  Mr. Davis, respectfully I have two words for you, Gary Hunter and Fort Lewis College, GOOD LUCK!

          Bill Deter - Class of 1990



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