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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Creative Visions of Dan Eldon

Story by Megan West-Fogarty

The Creative Visions of Dan Eldon

Open Shutter Gallery, located downtown Durango, is currently displaying work by Dan Eldon, a photojournalist. 

In 1993, Eldon died in Somalia while on assignment at the young age of 22. Eldon’s sister and mother continue to carry on his legacy today.

Open Shutter Gallery brought in an art exhibit that shows how Eldon’s journals were much more than just words. This exhibit displays Eldon’s journals as art and runs through March 28, said Brandon Donahue, the manager of Open Shutter Gallery.

After Eldon’s death, his mother and sister started Creative Visions, an organization that promotes conscientious journalism through the inspiration of Eldon’s work, Donahue said.

Conscientious journalism is journalism that is done with purpose and the intent to expose and educate, he said.

Eldon left his family with 17 journals that told the story of his life and work, and some of these journals were published as books.

The promotion of Eldon’s work and the Creative Visions organization is meant to inspire and show the power of photography.

The Creative Visions organization started off with the focus of educating and has broadened their reach by becoming involved with Toms Shoes, Donahue said.

 This organization also produced a movie about Eldon’s sister’s journey to the spot where Eldon was killed.

“Everybody that has come in has really been taken by it and has spent the time to take a look at the images,” Donahue said.

 The exhibit is being used to inspire young artist, said Margy Dudley, the owner of Open Shutter Gallery.

The exhibit and the organization not only promotes education of conscientious journalism, but it promotes photography as art, Dudley said. 



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