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Top 10 Places to Study On/Off Campus

Top 10 Places to Study On/Off Campus

By Mike Ranson

Sunday, April 22, 2018 | Number of views (401)



  1. Hammock on the Ridge -  If you’re looking for a scenic view of Durango, you've found what many people find so intriguing about the FLC campus. If you don’t mind some background noise from the cars passing by then you’re in the right place to study for finals.

  2. Balcony outside The Rocket: The balcony outside The Rocket is the perfect place to wind down and enjoy the sun. It’s in the perfect location for students who like to enjoy a snack while working hard. You can grab some lunch and take down some homework.

  3. The Fishbowl: If you are looking for a quiet area that is open all hours of the day then you've found it. This small environment is great for people who have a busy schedule; open all hours of the day except for cleaning hours, the fishbowl is always ready. It’s a headphones in and world out type of scene.

  4. Coffee Shops Downtown: The coffee shops all around Durango are all a refreshing change of pace if you want to get away from campus life. Despite the array of drinks you can order, the layout of the coffee shop is perfect who want to get some work done. Not to mention the free wifi. They can be very relaxed much like the people of Durango so the atmosphere is one of the best if you feel like you need to get some stuff done. It’s definitely an authentic Durango experience.

  5. Student Union: If you don’t mind a little noise, the student union is the perfect place to relax and find time to get your work done. Filled with open couches, seats, and snacks if you feel like you need a study break, the union is always bumbling with students hitting the books.

  6. Media Center: Not many know this but the media center in the student union is open to the public. Even though it seems like a closed off space, the media center could be a great place to come and study because of the silence. It’s a great spot, centered in the middle of the student union.

  7. Dorm Lobby: This spot may surprise people, but it is very underrated. The dorm lobby is a secluded spot where you can see your peers pass by and also have a great view of the FLC campus. The vending machine takes care of your surprise hunger streaks and the location is great for taking a break.

  8. Your Dorm: If you're worried about distractions from friends in the library, then consider taking it back to your dorm. The calmness of the place where sleep is soothing, there is always a sense of relief when you get back to your dorm. The dorm is perfect for people who are feeling lazy and ready to work.

  9. SLC: Love to work out? Give the SLC a try filled with many treadmills and yoga rooms, it gives students a chance to experience a workout and still get some studying in. The SLC is never to crowded and you can find your own cozy place if you look hard enough.

  10. Local Park: The parks around the city of Durango, bring out the friendly environment that many of us love. The vibe of our local parks are perfect for hanging around and reading a bit. The parks are always ready for a picnic and some studying


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