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ASFLC Reports: RSO Level Change Form and RSO Approvals

ASFLC Reports: RSO Level Change Form and RSO Approvals

By Becca Day

Friday, November 10, 2017 | Number of views (163)

The Associated Students of Fort Lewis College discussed the Registered Student Organization Change Form and passed three resolutions on Wednesday evening.


RSO Level Change Form


ASFLC discussed the RSO Level Change Form sponsored by ASFLC Vice President Ian Fullinwider.


If an RSO I wants to advance to an RSO II, it would have to complete an RSO Level Change Form, Fullinwider said.


For an RSO I to become an RSO II, the organization will have to demonstrate that it is already operating at that level, Fullinwider said.


An RSO I will focus in the individual needs and interest of students and is required to have four active members and a FLC faculty or staff advisor.


An RSO II has to have a budget approved by the Financial Allocation Board, meet campus-wide student needs and interests, have bylaws or a constitution, have a FLC faculty or staff advisor, demonstrate diversity in events and programing and has to have been an RSO for four semesters.


According to ASFLC’s constitution, an RSO will only be able to change levels after it proves it meets the definition of the new level. It can’t ask to change levels before it meets the new level’s standards, Fullinwider said.


The RSO Level Change Form has the ability to impact which RSOs can alter the level at which they operate and could have ramifications for the future, Dustin Fink, the president of ASFLC, said to members of ASFLC.


ASFLC Senator Joshua Emerson said he believes the form should include questions that ask RSOs how they are accomplishing the diversity programming requirements and how the RSO is getting students involved in the organization.


ASFLC is planning on concluding discussion over the RSO Level Change form by Nov. 22 Evan Wick, ASFLC speaker of the senate, said


Images is interested in changing its RSO level by the end of the semester, he said .


A resolution about the RSO Level Change Form will be brought to the table next Wednesday, Fullinwider said.


Resolution 17-068


Resolution 17-068, sponsored by Wick, approved a new RSO, the Fly Fishing Club.


Easton Wasinger and Ben Cesario addressed ASFLC members and explained the purpose and goal of their organization.


The Fly Fishing Club wants to bring together anglers and conservationists to improve the local watershed and increased networking among like-minded individuals, Cesario said.


The club is looking into partnering with the local chapter of Trout Unlimited in order to network with others interested in fly fishing and conservation, Cesario said.


They also are hoping to travel to Belize next year to address pollution issues and enjoy some fishing, Wasinger said.


The club met all RSO I requirements, Wick said.


Resolution 17-067


Wick sponsored Resolution 17-067 which approved the renewal of several RSOs.


ASFLC unanimously approved the renewal of the RSOs: Diné Club, Student Alumni Networking, Council of Honors Scholars, FLC Marketing Club, Images Literary Magazine, Pre-Health, Creative Collective, WELLPac, Chemistry and Associates Sciences Club and Village Aid Project.


Senator Jacob Wolfe called for an amendment to this resolution to include the renewal of FLC A+ Gaming Club which was unanimously approved.


Resolution 17-069


Wick also sponsored Resolution 17-069 which addressed discrepancies in ASFLC’s constitution regarding the title of Vice Parliamentarian.


Previously, in the constitution the Vice Parliamentarian was also referred to as the Assistant Parliamentarian, Wick said.


The resolution was unanimously passed.



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